"Keep me where the light is."

- John Mayer

For as long as I can remember, my free spirit has been drawn to the arts. Creative expression is the language of my soul, and so throughout my life, I’ve spoken through many different art forms. I am a Sagittarius; honest, adventurous and full of fire. It makes sense to me that photography is where I found my light, you could say it was written in the stars. 


“Photography", in the literal sense, means "light drawings". ​I began exploring the world through my lens in high school where my passion was largely fostered by my father. Without access to a dark room, my dad and I built a functioning dark room in the basement of our home. After high school, I quickly realized that photography was how I would want to make my way in the world. I graduated from Lesley College of Art & Design (formerly The Art Institute of Boston) where I studied documentary photography; the art of telling stories with light drawings. 

Somedays it feels as though I’ve lived many different lives, seeking thrills and chasing dreams overseas and back. Through it all, one thing has remained true, I have always followed the light. As a longtime yoga practitioner, I found a home for my practice at The Energy Barre where I soon began teaching group fitness and later, yoga. It was there where the owner, Julianna Curtis, gave me the ever so gentle shove into photographing the wellness & fitness industry. An industry so very centered on igniting ones inner light. 


Today, I am happily married to the love of my life, with two wild little boys. Together we live on the ocean in the north shore of Massachusetts. It is here, in this chapter of my life, that I found my true vocation: painting photos for you to share your own light with the world. 

Photos by Merissa Conley, Em Roscoe, & Monica Justesen